CMAA National Webinar Series

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2:00 pm


October 16, 2023


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Mid-Management Webinar Series

Dates: October 25, November 1, November 29, December 20

Time: 2:00- 3:00 p.m.


Register now for these upcoming webinars in the Mid-Management Webinar Series. This series is curated specifically for the educational needs of mid-management professionals but are open to all CMAA members.Register now.


October 25:Leadership: Peers & Mentoring/Growing as a Leader,

Patrick Laxton, CCM, The Country Club


Please join Patrick Laxton, Assistant General Manager at The Country Club, as he discusses the importance of mentorship, why having a mentor is a must and how at a point in your career, you become the mentor. He will also discuss the dynamics of the mid-manager and General Manager's relationship and how nurturing it can transform your career.


Whether you are an aspiring mentee, an experienced mentor, or a leader seeking to grow in your career, this presentation will provide a great road map for you.


November 1:The Human Element to Professional Development,

Nicki Skipper, CCM, Governors Club


Regardless of where you currently stand in your professional path, it's essential to recognize that you didn't reach that point in isolation. Your "community," starting from your earliest role models, such as your parents, to your educators, coaches, and managers, has played a pivotal role in your growth. These mentors and leaders have actively engaged with you, providing guidance and motivation to help you turn your professional aspirations into reality. This program provides a platform for individuals to expand their network and engage in mentor-mentee relationships. It includes details about the Manager in Development mentor/mentee program, available online through CMAA University, and the recently introduced Carolinas Chapter Mentorship program. These initiatives aim to foster professional growth and collaboration, recognizing the significance of the human element in personal and career development.


November 29:Putting the Governance Puzzle Together,



Great governance is a process not an event. Progress occurs with small best practices wins that accumulate over time, creating momentum that keeps your governance evolving and enduring. This session will highlight the thoughtful practices around Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Communication, Education, Strategic Planning, Budget Alignment, Leadership Development, Governance Portals, Decision/Responsibilities Matrix, BPM, Orientation, Charters, Master Goals, and Board and Committee evaluations that become the cogs to a well-oiled governance machine.


December 20:Protecting Your Private Status: What Every Club Leader Should Know,Brad Steele, Private Club Consultants


What does it mean to be "truly private?" The short answer is it provides exemptions from federal and state laws and allows your membership to control club operations. However, failure to protect that private status could result in significant legal and financial issues, an array of PR problems and a rapid loss of members.


While your club's private status is crucial to its success, protecting its tax-exempt status cannot be forgotten. Without a discerning eye on your club's finances, the benefit of paying little or no income tax could be stripped away.


Unfortunately, societal changes, economic concerns and internal pressures have made it difficult for club leaders to protect both. This presentation will explain why your private and tax-exempt status are so important, how to deal with challenges to them, and how you can actually run a successful club in these new times while maintaining each.

Thursday, October 26

2:00-3:00 p.m.EDT

In an increasingly digital world, the threat of cyberattacks looms larger than ever before. Join us for an eye-opening webinar, "Have You Been Hacked? I Have.," where we delve into the experiences of businesses – including private clubs - who have fallen victim to cybercrime and emerged stronger, wiser, and more cyber-resilient.


  1. Real-Life Stories: Hear about business and clubs that have experienced hacking incidents, and the practical challenges faced and how they overcame them.
  2. Lesson Learned: Learn from the mistakes and triumphs of those who have been through cyberattacks. Gain valuable insights into how to protect your club and its digital assets.
  3. Expert Insights: Receive actionable tips and recommendations to strengthen your online security posture. Learn how to recognize and mitigate potential threats.
  4. Security Best Practices: Receive actionable tips and recommendations to strengthen your online security posture. Learn how to recognize and mitigate potential threats.
  5. Cyber Insights & Resources: Obtain resources, tools, and strategies to help you avoid a cyberattack and enhance your overall cyber resilience.




Have You Been Hacked? I Have.

Presented by: Patrick Hynds, Pulsar Security



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