Florida Chapter Club Managers Association of America

Future Leaders

Future Leaders Education Program (FLEP)

The Future Leaders Education Program (FLEP) was designed as an education program focused on mid-level management in order to provide the valuable education to establish the culture and education for the next generation of active managers and leaders in CMAA. This ten (10) month program focuses on the 10 CMAA Core Competencies and includes 10 months of online and mentoring calls with FLCMAA managers with specific talents in the competency areas.

To become a member of the FLEP program, please call Beth Sargent, Executive Director at 561-373-0919 or by email at md@flcmaa.org 

The Future Leaders Education Program is an excellent education tool for mid-managers.  If you have staff that could benefit from this program please call or email Beth Sargent for registration information.  


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