As part of your CMAA membership, Florida Chapter members have access to the latest career openings and opportunities in Florida and throughout the country. In addition, clubs are welcome to post job postings on our site at no cost. Click here to learn more!

Unemployed? FLCMAA Can Help! Contact the Florida Chapter Office today for additional details regarding our job distribution list and the Chapter offers a Continuation membership status. FLCMAA is here for you when you need it most!

  • A fee of $100 will be charged for each career listing posted on the FLCMAA website.  A multi-use package is available for an annual fee $1,500, allowing unlimited postings.  This fee applies to all Clubs and placement firms wishing to post on the FLCMAA website.
  • Please Note: Club listings may appear as either open or confidential listings. In an open listing, the name of the club and its location appear in the ad. When a club requests a closed or confidential listing, the name and the exact location do not appear.

    It is CMAA policy, however, to notify appropriate management personnel at the club (if they are CMAA members) when any managerial opening is posted either Nationally or on the Chapter-level. This applies to all listings, open or closed.

    Please keep this in mind and follow this policy before you post a position Nationally or on the FLCMAA website. The position you are advertising for must either be vacant or the person currently holding that position must be aware of the posting.