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Register now for these upcoming webinars in the Mid-Management Webinar Series. This series is curated specifically for the educational needs of mid-management professionals but are open to all CMAA members.

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November 29:Putting the Governance Puzzle Together,



Great governance is a process, not an event. Progress occurs with small best practices wins that accumulate over time, creating momentum that keeps your governance evolving and enduring. This session will highlight the thoughtful practices arounf Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Communication, Education, Strategic Planning, Budget Alignment, Leadership Development, Governance Portals, Decision/Responsibilities Matrix, BPM, Orientation, Charters, Master Goals, and Board and Committee evaluations that become the cogs to a well-oiled governance machine.


December 13:Thinking Strategically, Acting Thoughtfully: Balancing Strategy and Culture in Today's Evolving Club,

Kevin Carroll, CCM, CCE, McMahon Group

Chris Coulter, CCM, McMahon Group


As management guru Peter Drucker once said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." In this installment of CMAA's mid-management webinar series, Kevin Carroll , CCM, CCE, and Chris Coulter, CCM, of the McMahon will draw on their decades of experience guiding some of the industry's most prominent clubs to walk you through the tried-and-true elements of Strategic Leadership, highlight the process needed to keep your club relevant, and explain the important role that a club's culture plays in achieving a successful plan. Join Kevin and Chris as they interwine real-life examples of leadership successes and failures to show how to properly plot a club's roadmap to a prosperous and sustainable future.


December 20:Protecting Your Private Status: What Every Club Leader Should Know,

Brad Steele, Private Club Consultants


What does it mean to be "truly private?" The short answer is it provides exemptions from federal and state laws and allows your membership to control club operations. However, failure to protect that private status could result in significant legal and financial issues, an array of PR problems and a rapid loss of members.


While your club's private status is crucial to its success, protecting its tax-exempt status cannot be forgotten. Without a discerning eye on your club's finances, the benefit of paying little or no income tax could be stripped away.


Unfortunately, societal changes, economic concerns and internal pressures have made it difficult for club leaders to protect both. This presentation will explain why your private and tax-exempt status are so important, how to deal with challenges to them, and how you can actually run a successful club in these new times while maintaining each.