Dale Carnegie - Thriving in the New Normal

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10:00 am - 11:00 am


Title : Thriving in the New/Accelerated Normal

Presented by Dale Carnegie Training 

It's time to take Command.  Continued uncertainties stemming from the pandemic have taken a toll on our teams, members, and the way we approach our work.  This interactive and high-energy LIVE-Online workshop presented by Dale Carnegie's Southeast Florida Managing Partner, Christine Ramirez, will reinforce the critical skills and necessary mindset to prepare for success in the new normal.  Clubs can't be resilient if their team members aren't.  Developing these skills now will not only prepare CMAA members to adapt for the new realities, but also ensure they are primed to succeed through any additional disruption. 

During this interactive workshop, CMAA members will:

  • Incorporate practical ways to stay resilient, and keep our teams resilient as we move forward
  • Develop relationships while social distancing
  • Gain practical ways to reduce overall negativity and stress in our clubs so our teams can stay focused

5 Reasons for Companies to Invest in Training and Development in 2021:

  1. A resilient workforce largely depends on a positive and confident mindset
  2. The acceleration of new business models and automation require up-skilling
  3. Maintaining a productive and engaged virtual workforce is challenging
  4. Agility requires critical thinking, problem solving, and psychological safety
  5. Engaged employees are more skilled at understanding evolving client need



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